Meeting: Back to the Basics of Autonomism, Pt. I

10 Oct

The next meeting of ARG will be held on:

Wednesday 12th October


Venue: Room 304, Pearson Building, UCL. Located in the North-West corner of the UCL quad (when you enter the quad from Gower street turn left and its in the corner nearest to Gower St). Enter the black door by the ramp in the corner, enter the building and turn right and you need to go to the third floor. See map for location of Pearson Building:

ARG is starting again this Wednesday at 6.30pm, and will continue to meet every Wednesday from then on. Although this coming meeting is convening in a room at UCL, we are looking into the possibility of moving to Housmans book shop at Kings X in the future.

Please do come along, even if you have never attended before. This month we will be looking at some “key” texts giving us on overview of autonomy (in its political, economic, and philosophical contexts). We have decided to have a theme for each month, and delegate 2/3 people to draw up our reading lists each time.

This week we will be reading:

1. Chapter 1 (Chapter 7 is also recommended if one has the time) of The Subversion of Politics: European Autonomous Social Movements and the Decolonization of Everyday Life by George Katsiaficas. Available here.

2. Chapter 7 of Philosophy, Politics, Autonomy by Cornelius Castoriadis. Available here.

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