ARG ‘Trip’ to Film on Black Panthers

16 Oct

Wednesday ARG will not be meeting in the usual way this week, but will be making a trip to the screening of “In the Land of the Free” at the University of London Union. It’s on Wednesday, 19th October, at 6.30pm.

Reproduced here is the advert:

a screening of an award winning documentary


followed by a discussion with Black Panther activist Robert King and film director Vadim Jean, chaired by Lee Jasper

 Convicted of a crime he didn’t commit and sentenced to life in Louisiana’s Angola Penitentiary, Robert King – known as one of the Angola 3 – is now free.

However his two comrades, Albert Woodfox and Herman Wallace, are still being kept in solitary confinement – for the 40th year running…

Accused of the murder of an Angola prison guard, they have always proclaimed their innocence, saying that they were framed and targeted by the prison authorities for their activism as memeber of the Black Panther Party.

The case of the Angola 3 has been cited as a gross miscarriage of justice and Amnesty International calls for their immediate release from solitary confinement which violates the US Constitution and internation human rights treaties.

Tickets available here.

We shall resume our regular Wednesday meetings next week, on October 26, with a couple more readings on going back to the basics on Autonomy. Expect some Tronti and Negri even as we dive into the word of Italian Workerism and Autonomia.

ALSO: A new ARG group which will be meeting on Thursdays is in the process of being formed. It will be autonomous from the Wednesday group, and hence may opt to choose its own readings, etc. If you’d like to take part in the discussion regarding the formation of this group, check out the Facebook group here. We’re hoping to sort out a contact person for those not on Facebook.

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