Thursday ARG is GO – 18:30 in IoE bar.

19 Oct

Thursday 20th October will see the first of the Thursday ARG meetings taking place – a parallel but independent ARG meeting set up for those who have an innate aversion to Wednesdays, or are just plain busy.

This week there has been no dissent to the suggestion of copying the reading from the first Wednesday ARG of term, though there’s nothing to stop us diverging should we so wish in future. For now we’ll be focusing on the preliminary question, What is Autonomism?

And we will be reading:

1.​books/subversion_download.​htm – Chapter 1 (and also Chapter 7 is recommended)

2. – Chapter 7

Venue for this week will be the Institute of Education bar, which has space away from the actual bar which shouldn’t be too noisy and busy, with plenty of tables and chairs, AND cheap drinks, if anyone is tempted 🙂

Will keep trying to find somewhere more secluded for next time, got some leads, but wanted to get something pinned down asap for this meeting, so IoE it is.​aps/ms?msa=0&msid=20603250​3608749500024.0004af7fceff​0d2f835da

Carry on straight past SOAS and slightly left.

Hope to see you all there!

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