Wednesday ARG at #occupylsx: Back to the Basics of Autonomism, Pt. II (UPDATE: CHANGE TO VENUE)

24 Oct

The next meeting of ARG will be held on:

Wednesday 26th October


Venue (*UPDATED*):  Meet outside Starbucks at St Paul’s and then we’ll adjourn to the reading group location.

After our film outing last week, Wednesday ARG returns to texts on autonomy/autonomism. We’ve decided to meet at the Occupy London campsite in Finsbury Square. The reason we’ve chosen Finsbury Square over St Paul’s is mainly because the former is a smaller, less busy location that would be more suitable for a reading group discussion. Also, there’s grass at FS, and we’ll be able to show our support to the younger sibling of the #occupylsx movement!

This week we will be reading texts from the Italian Operaismo/Autoonomia movements:

1. ‘Lenin in England’ by Mario Tronti. Available here.

2. ‘The Strategy of Refusal’ by Mario Tronti. Available here. 

3. ‘Domination and Sabotage’ (Ch. V) from Books for Burning, an anthology of pamphlets written by Antonio Negri. Full text available here.

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